Dasavatharam Review - Movie is spectacular!

Dasavatharam Movie Review

Cast: Kamal Hassan (in 10 roles), Asin, Mallika Sherawat, M.S.Bhaskar, Napolean, Jayapradha
Music: Himesh Reshammiya
Camera: Ravi Varman
Direction: K.S.Ravikumar

Kamal Hassan’s magnum opus Dasavatharam ends up setting a new benchmark for Indian films. Tamil cinema has entered a new era with Dasavatharam. All in all, Dasavathaaram is an extraordinary movie by Kamal and his team — A must watch movie.

All the credit goes to — Kamal Haasan, K.S.Ravikumar and Ravi Varman.


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Rama Karthikeyan said...

Here is my popularity analysis of Dasavatharam using Google Trends.


gajanthody srinivasa said...

Kamal as the Vaishnavaite is riveting. Wish he does a full length movie with such a character!
Srinivasa Bhat

Lenin Nair said...

hi there, thanks for this site, I watched the film on the release date itself I prepared a good review of the film here: Movie review of Dasavatharam thanks, please let me know what you think of the review.

Anonymous said...

My take on the movie is simple - illogical & offensive. Kamal Hassan has turned into a megalomaniac. He should worry more about substance than quantity. Let's stop gloating about his past credentials and focus on his current relevance. Playing a Caucasian with a Halloween mask and running around Tamil Nadu committing mindless killing is not a character he should brag about. Trying to push his atheist agenda by the disrespectful handling of an Hindu idol and lack of reverence warrants a legal case to be slapped on him. He can take artistic liberty but if his liberty hurts the sentiments of the Hindus, then he deserves a kick in the rear.

SivRami said...

Anonymous, from your comments, I realize you have not even seen the movie. What I am about to say is a spoiler, but it's the only way I can prove to mindless beings like anonymous that Dasavatharam does NOT embrace atheism or put down Hinduism. In the 12th century flashbak in the movie, Kamal chooses to die with Perumal statue being thrown away instead of submitting to the Shivite king. He is true to his faith even when he undergoes severe torture. Even some Shivites did not like how he was being treated by the Shivite king. This makes the movie not anti-Shivite either, but anti-combination of politics and religion. Now, please tell me how the hell that's anti-Hinduism and pro-atheism? Don't make sensational comments without proof and purely based on blind following of fanatic comments. I'm sorry if that was harsh.

Anonymous said...

1st and foremost I've seen the movie. So dont make assumptions. I dont care a damn about the Sivite-Vaisnavite debate that the movie tries to invoke to get attention. That is (or was) a discussion for a different community/caste.
After the movie gets into Chidambaram - an old lady interrupting a procession & getting to the idol, the stealing of the idol, standing with it next to a stinking toilet, throwing and catching like a football, letting it fall all over the place, wrapping it with a dirty gunny bag and get covered with some stinking sand - sure does convey a lot of reverence. Try that with a Koran or a Bible and let's see if "Dr." Kamal Hassan can live a normal life! The "scientist" wants to saw the idol (watch his line) without even giving a thought that maybe trying to shake it could get him the vial...coz isn't that how it comes out! The character is an atheist and it is shown in the way he debates Asin's rationalization of the disaster. So look at the whole 3 hour mega-crap that had numerous offensive instances and not be fixated with the first 15 mins which the film tried to emphasize by including a song to add another 5 mins.

Blondita said...

I have to agree wholeheartedly with 'anonymous'. I have watched the movie and think that it is a complete travesty. The ridiculous plastic masks of George Bush and Chris Fletcher were awful - I could have gone to a costume shop and got a better one. The racism in it made me ashamed - he made jibes at Sikh people, Telegu people, and Japanese people. As a Tamil I was wholly ashamed. He tried to bring up the lower castes by saying how untouchables now are all lettered educated men, which was admirable, but then put down every other non-Tamil ethnicity possible. Not to mention the poor amateur graphics which looked like they were put together by a five year old. A complete disappointment and I pray that nobody believes that Tamil people are as bigotted as Kamal Hassan clearly thinks we are, to put such a movie together, hoping for laughs at other people's expense.

Giri said...

This is my thought - The film was good and not-so-good in many aspects.

You cannot but admire the grit and determination which Kamal and his crew has gone through in making the film. The characters that Kamal has etched go with their characterization and their emotions. Each character is true in their potrayal of their belief.

Having said that there were definitely areas of improvement
1) The tsunami scene which has been hailed as unparalleled is childish. A far better job could have been done
2) The make up of the "Patti" character could have been better. For instance the patti should have been much thinner.
3) The post-production could have been much better.
4) Whenever the "Muslim" character is around, the other characters seem to look at a totally different height than where the face should have been

austin...rock'n'roll said...

spectacular..with limitations of an indian film budjet,he has done a great job..no one again cn ever again blend into,such 10 roles+story+screenplay+dialogues+singing....spectacular...

active said...

The movie is a pointless exercise, first u blow expectations sky high, and then u bring it crashing to earth, the opening shot with Nambi is riveting and has nothing to do with the movie. The only avatharam that stands etched other than Nambi is Balaram Naidu. Where has all the money gone? The movie lacks richness, and Asin sans makeup is pathetic. Fletcher and Bush are caricatures from a Mel Brooks movie. If Kamal is soo taken up with Brian Jennings work he should do it privately and spare the audience the torture!!!

Aniket said...

Dasavatharam made a history not only in Indian film history but also in the whole world.As far i know i never heard that any actor never played 10 different roles in a movie.

shekhar said...

Actor Kamal Hassan's quest for Oscar award is widely known; that he will stoop to any low in that direction is proved by his latest film titled ‘Dasavataram’. Having seen this film in a prominent cinema hall recently, I feel disgusted to say that the film deserves to be totally banned from public exhibition on several counts. First and foremost, the word ‘Dasavataram’ is considered sacred and very much part of Hindu culture relating to Lord Vishnu's reincarnations primarily for destruction of evil; the word any sane man born and brought up in Hindu culture easily understands. It is ironical that this actor has dared to title his film with the noble name which invokes instant veneration and what one actually see or feel is narration of his version of events essayed in his perverted mind, in the name of freedom of expression, without caring two hoots about the impact it is going to make on public mind especially in India. This so-called versatile actor has miserably failed in his attempt to portray 'secularism' as he supposes and understands by choosing to portray other major communities in the country like Christians, Muslims and Sikh as do-gooders and that only Hindus are religious fanatics, right from the very first frame of the film. He has further shown that individuals belonging to international communities including NRIs are bent upon leashing acts of terror on fellow human beings in other parts of the globe, for the sake of gathering wealth and in the name of science & technology. In his colossal misadventure he has even involved the current President of the United States of America by mimicry as well as the known atheist Chief Minister of Tamilnadu in his current official position, as also a fleeting portrayal of past Chief Minister Ms. Jayalalitha by showing her aerial survey of Tsunami hit areas during December 2004, all obviously for the sake of seeking cheap publicity.

The picture titled 'Dasavataram' is truly an example of gross misuse of freedom of expression, not confining to ethical standards expected of an esteemed actor like Kamal Hassan and his reputed team, and as such it should be banned in toto from public exhibition.

Anonymous said...

Here is my comments on Dasavatharam...Movie is Really Great.No one in the History of Movies has made a movies like this..Kamal u are great...I really enjoyed every moment of the movie..so exciting indeed.Congratualations Kamal...Make more movies ...Your fan...Chef suzana.Your are realy handsome in the singh's disguise....

Anonymous said...

Kamal has acted in only two or three roles and not in all ten as is claimed. In the rest the plastic masks did not leave much scope to exhibit his well known talent . His expressions aren't there. Gross under utilisation of such a brilliant talent. The plastic makeup was not looking good either. I wish he had done these roles without the masks and they could have manupulated it to achieve the result. Graphics also are short of the expectation built up by hype. Its not a wholesome entertainer as is KS Ravikumar film is always. Thats why we find it wanting. All the above comments are easier to make but kudoos to the great effort. First few minutes are outstanding with kamal at his best.Its a must see film.

Vivek said...

why is it so tough for people to accept good acting, have we not seen English movies where most of the time is a black guy who is a villain check out 300 where a Persian is a black guy (don't know what the director was thinking there) but I am certain most of us were like wow what a movie and didn't comment about racism Mr Anonymous.

Enjoy a movie for what it is and dont mix things thats a message quite well delivered by a class act Kamal. Dont mix religion and politics its quite rude to say that god dose not like his creations oh great protector of Hinduism where in the scriptures dose it say that god dose not like to be covered with the same cloth and stink that he created! if you have ever read about hinduism its based on the ultimate reality called Brahman, and its identity with the individual soul, or atman All creatures go through a cycle of rebirth, or samsara, which can only be broken by spiritual self-realization, after which liberation, or moksha, is attained. The principle of karma determines a being's status within the cycle of rebirth; and there is no face associated to it one stupid guy sculpts a statue and tells it god and we all go knives and forks saying this idol is better than that idol common its not atheism. Go and read the scripture and the Vedas before going nuts on whats right and whats wrong, and lets keep biases aside and enjoy a well acted movie .

Meenaksi said...

I totally agree with Anonymous - this movie is absolute CRAP!! I was a die-hard fan of Kamal Hassan - but now I am now seriously thinking if he has gone SENILE!! I am ashamed to have seen this movie - i had to force myself to sit for 3 hours thinking and imaginig that something good/great will come up - but to my total disappointment - there was no story line in this movie. His make-up made all the character look like they have a serious mental disorder - this is the most horrible movie i have watched in my whole life - and that too given to us by the so called UNIVERSAL HERO - Shame on you Kamal - go back to your basics!!

Anonymous said...

am a die hard fan of kamal hassan...bt i am very dissapointed after watching the movie.... kamal has been just over ambitious...there was more of wax faces that could not emote than the unparalleld actor that kamal is...

Magesh said...

I remember one proverb when i see all your comments.

'We are not seeing the things as they are; we are seeing the things as we are'.

Dasaavatharam is a magnum opus of tamil film ever made.I have seen the movie recently, of course it was a wonderful movie. People are commenting on the movie just because they have the 'Right for expression' otherwise they would have shuts up thier stinky mouths.
Always people are failed to think about the efforts to make this film and hassan contributions but never failed to critizise.

Mr.Anonymous... There is a film called Da vince Code but what christanity people had done when they make a film, it really nonsense to compare the film and real life.

You used a lot of offensive words in a public bolg area, i feel you should be punished. if you're sentimental don't watch the movie simply but with hanky.

Kamal is not proclaiming that there is no god,at the end of the movie he says 'I didn't say there is no god; i said i will feel good if he exsist'. Change your perception. Sorry if it's hurts you.

Magesh said...


I agree that you have bit ENGLISH knowledge to criticize hassan. Well, can you suggest him the good story line for his next film?? It's really hard to make the story for 10 characters and the relationship among them.Screenplay is much much difficult for 10 roles in 3 hours. They're not scummy minds to make the film foolishly. Be prepared before you write.

Anonymous said...

This film was one big joke. The characters were hilarious.
Taking into consideration the amount of raw violence senselessly and shamefully portrayed the movie should be banned everywhere.
Not sure what the female actresses were all about.

Anonymous said...

This movie is indeed spectacular. For those who did not find it interesting, that is sad. It would be good for us to laud the plus points, instead of making a string of comments based on individual perceptions and assumptions. It sure is a movie that deserves applause. It is always easy to give unkind comments, but it takes a lot more to applaud the efforts.

josh.. said...

people to tell u the truth, the intro of 12th century character was awesome, later the movie lost its track. guess ks Ravi Kumar wasted a potential chance

Anonymous said...




Rekha said...

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Ajai said...

Film is an absolute crap!!!! What the hell kamal is trying to say here. Is he trying to mock Hollywood??? I thought he was creative... even a single scene in the film is believable. I got irritated by the masked fancy dress of "Dr." kamal !!! Even an amatuer actor can enact these 10 "mask" roles hands down. What has Kamal done differently here???

Anonymous said...

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